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Issue 01 | 2023

  • Foreword
  • HealthCare Management
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Issue 01



Welcome & Introduction

It is a matter of honour and pleasure for me and my team to announce the launch of the very first issueof American Hospital Healthcare Management magazine in

HealthCare Management

Planning Anesthesia Practitioners Staffing to Maximize their Productivity

Hours worked exceeding allocated hours ie the operating room OR hours into which cases are scheduled are referred to as hours of overutilized OR time

Medical Sciences

How Artificial Intelligence will Change Critical Care Medicine

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence AI will have an important place in the future of critical care and emergency medicine

Current Use of Drug Coated Balloons for the Complex Coronary Artery Disease Patients

Drug eluting stents DES are the mainstay of treatment in a majority of patients with significant stenoses of the coronary arteries

Let’s Not Put the Genie Back Into the Bottle!

Remote Healthcare & Telemedicine

The global healthcare system is on the brink of collapse At the start of the worlds population topped billion More than half of this total is made up of people under the age of


The Future of Precision Medicine in Healthcare

The Precision Medicine Initiative was established by the United States government in to better customize patient health care delivery based on unique genetic environmental and lifestyle characteristics

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

I asked Mike Sutten what three key decision points led him to change Innovaccers business model to cloud based information and data accumulation informatics and analytics

Facilities & Operations

Integration of AI into Healthcare Facilities

Uses of AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence AI is defined as the intelligence of machines as opposed to the intelligence of humans or other living species

Total Lean Medical Record Audit Process via Structured Medical Data

As we all know data in medical records plays a crucial role in patient care process management and risk management particularly legal risk management

Information Technology



The Uni healthcare sector is ripe for disruption In particular the healthcare technology industry is highly fragmented in the United States with interoperability challenges within and between medical organizations limiting the ability to fully aggregate and analyze data

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Machine Learning for Clinical Outcome Prediction in Cerebrovascular Disorders

Clinical outcome prediction model was created using the patient Tirilazad database to investigate clinical factors that influence outcome in patients with ruptured brain aneurysms


The explosion of artificial intelligence AI in healthcare over the past decade has increased exponentially year over year Continued advances have made it easier for dataminded and clinically oriented providers to efficiently utilize data with automated research and product development tools

Expert Talk

Human Centered Care – The Delivery Model of Now

If you look at the definition of system it is a set of things working together

Impact of Covid-19 on Public Health

First of all I would like to thank the editorial office of the AmericaHHM Magazine for inviting me to this editorial interview which covers this very current and still challenging topic of Covid pandemic