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Research Insights

This section focuses on recent global studies and discoveries in the various fields of healthcare.

Harms and Benefits of Mammographic Screening for Breast Cancer in Brazil

In the absence of evidence on the effect of mammographic screening on overall mortality comparing the number of deaths avoided with the number of deaths caused by screening would be ideal but the only existing models of this type adopt a very narrow definition of harms

Machine Learning-based Identification of Contrast-enhancement Phase of Computed Tomography Scans

Contrastenhanced computed tomography scans CECT are routinely used in the evaluation of different clinical scenarios including the detection and characterization of hepatocellular carcinoma

Using hybrid pre-trained models for breast cancer detection

Breast cancer is a prevalent and lifethreatening disease that affects women globally Early detection and access to topnotch treatment are crucial in preventing fatalities from this condition However manual breast histopathology image analysis is timeconsuming

Uncovering the Effects of Model Initialization on Deep Model Generalization: a Study With Adult and Pediatric Chest X-ray Images

Model initialization techniques are vital for improving the performance and reliability of deep learning models in medical computer vision applications While much literature exists on nonmedical images

The Relationship Between Perceptions of Electronic Health Record Usability and Clinical Importance of Social and Environmental Determinants of Health on Provider Documentation

Social and environmental determinants of health SEDH data in the electronic health record EHR can be inaccurate and incomplete Providers are in a unique position to impact this issue

Exploring the Use of a Digital Therapeutic Intervention to Support the Pediatric Cardiac Care Journey: Qualitative Study on Clinician Perspectives

Pediatric heart disease currently effects over one million infants children and adolescents in the United States alone Unlike the adult population pediatric patients

From Data Strategy to Implementation to Advance Cancer Research and Cancer Care: a French Comprehensive Cancer Center Experience

In a comprehensive cancer center effective data strategies are essential to evaluate practices and outcome understanding the disease and prognostic factors identifying disparities in cancer care and overall developing better treatments To achieve these goals

Aerobic Exercise Interventions to Address Impaired Quality of Life in Patients With Pituitary Tumors

Patients with pituitary tumors may experience persistent fatigue and reduced physical activity based on subjective measures after treatment These symptoms may persist despite

Dynamic Phase-locking States and Personality in Sub-acute Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: an Exploratory Study

Research has shown that maladaptive personality characteristics such as Neuroticism are associated with poor outcome after mild traumatic brain injury mTBI The current exploratory study

AI-based Approach for Transcribing and Classifying Unstructured Emergency Call Data: a Methodological Proposal

Emergency caresensitive conditions ECSCs require rapid identification and treatment and are responsible for over half of all deaths worldwide Prehospital emergency care PEC can provide rapid treatment and access to definitive care for many ECSCs

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