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Sep 2023

Aspect Imaging Awarded Innovative Technology Contract by Vizient for Embrace® Neonatal MRI System in Point of Care

Aspect Imaging a global leader in MRI systems tailored for complex neonatal cases is pleased to announce that Vizient Inc the nations largest providerdriven healthcare performance improvement company


Sep 2023

FDA Grants Carlsmed Technology a Second Breakthrough Device Designation

Carlsmed made an announcement today regarding the FDAs granting of Breakthrough Device designation for its aprevo technology aimed at treating individuals with cervical spine disease


Sep 2023

EU-MDR Certification Granted to Body Vision Medical's LungVision™ AI-Enhanced Image Guidance Solution

Body Vision Medical a leading innovator in AIdriven intraoperative imaging proudly announces a significant achievement today The latestgeneration LungVision AIpowered platform


Sep 2023

UTMHealthcare Enhances Patient Care by Seamlessly Integrating Remote Monitoring Solution with EHR Systems

UTMHealthcare a prominent player in the mobile health technology sector has recently introduced a significant upgrade to its remote patient monitoring RPM solution


Sep 2023

SpectraWAVE Gains Regulatory Approval to Integrate Saline Imaging and Advanced AI Features into HyperVue™ Imaging System

SpectraWAVE a prominent player in the field of medical imaging with a primary focus on improving the treatment outcomes for patients dealing with coronary artery disease CAD

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Los Angeles Cancer Network Opens New Location in Santa Clarita

Los Angeles Cancer Network LACNhas been a trusted provider of cancer and blood disorder care in theLos Angelesarea for over years This September they expanded their reach even further

Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center Focuses on Veterans' Mental Health Through Expanded Partnership with CliniComp

CliniComp the pioneer in highperforming reliable electronic health record EHR solutions announced that Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center expanded its solution from inpatient units to encompass behavioral health

Avel eCare Expands Hospitalist and Senior Care Telemedicine Services with Acquisition of Fident Health

Avel eCare the nations leading provider of cliniciantoclinician telemedicine services today announced the acquisition of Fident Health aTexasbased virtual hospitalist provider dedicated to delivering highquality

DeGen Medical Launches 3D-printed ALIF implant at Texas Back Institute with Drs. Peter Derman and Alexander Satin

DeGen Medical Inc a spinal implant manufacturer announced thatDr Peter DermanandDr Alexander SatinofTexas Back Institutebecame the first surgeons to implant theSolar

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  • Articles

    Embracing Technological Advancements: Transforming Surgical Training for the Surgeons of Tomorrow

    The landscape of surgical training is undergoing a transformation driven by the rapid evolution of technology As surgical procedures become more complex and the demand for skilled surgeons rises the incorporation of innovative training methods is crucial to prepare future surgeons effectively

    Growing Threat of Cyber Security Breaches in Healthcare Institutions

    The increasing threats of cyber security breaches aimed at healthcare institutions demand the same preparedness and swift actions as emergency room doctors would prepare for possible arrivals with cardiac arrest

    Tackling Tendon Pain: Expert Insights and Strategies for Enhanced Agility

    Tendon pain can be a significant hurdle particularly for athletes and active individuals but it can be overcome with the right knowledge and management strategies This article explores the various types of tendon injuries including tendonitis tendinosis tendinopathy paratenonitis and tendon ruptures shedding light on their unique characteristics and treatment approaches

    Wearable Technology: The Future of Medical Science

    Wearable technology includes small physical objects with sensors software and other technologies connected to other devices and systems via the Internet and other communication networks These devices have an inbuilt mechanism to exchange data with relevant communication networks to help identify the early warning signs of potentially lifethreatening diseases

    Neuropsychological Services Are Essential for Depressed Patients among Transport Industry Workers

    Neurocognitive performance is directly affected by mood disorders and among transport workers and this in turn can impede response and reactions times cognitive capacity concentration attention auditory and visual processing among other higher level cognitive functions Research has been already shown that in the acute phase processing speed learning and memory may be impaired in depression

    Ensuring Safe Skies: Navigating the Challenges of Cardiothoracic Surgery Training

    Cardiothoracic surgery is a challenging and complex field that requires a high level of skill and expertise The training of cardiothoracic surgeons involves a combination of didactic and practical experience with an emphasis on safety and minimizing risks to patients This article aims to discuss the challenges of cardiothoracic surgery

  • Techno Trends

    Breakthrough Device Designation for Diagnosis of Brain Tumors

    A blood test called TriNetraGlio that aids in the detection of brain tumours has received Breakthrough Device Designation from the US Food and Drug Administration FDA according to a statement released by Datar Cancer Genetics The US FDA has designated this test the third from the company as a breakthrough device The first liquid biopsies to earn the Breakthrough Devic...


  • Technology-Equipment

    Devices for the Failing Heart

    Mechanical Circulatory Support MCS is an important adjunct to the management of patients with severe heart failure Because the number of donor hearts available for transplantation is limited the use of MCS is growing as a valid alternative to save the lives of patients who are facing death