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Gustave Roussy and THERYQ Achieved a Technological Breakthrough in Radiotherapy with FLASHKNiFE® Technology

Gustave Roussy and THERYQ have achieved a technological breakthrough in radiotherapy with their innovative FLASHKNiFE® technology. FLASH radiotherapy employs electrons to administer an exceptionally high dose rate, enabling patients to receive treatment in mere milliseconds. Preclinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy in preserving healthy tissue while effectively targeting and eliminating tumor cells.

One notable advantage of FLASH radiotherapy is its ability to immobilize the targeted organ or tumor during treatment, resulting in highly accurate and controlled targeting. This precision can significantly enhance treatment effectiveness while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

To assess its effectiveness, a clinical study will be conducted on patients with skin cancer, supported and co-financed by EIT Health, a renowned "community of knowledge and innovation" dedicated to health and a participant in Horizon Europe, the EU's research and innovation funding program. Positive results from this study could revolutionize the management of skin cancers and potentially lead to groundbreaking advancements in treating other solid tumors.

The introduction of FLASH radiotherapy represents a significant technological leap forward from current radiotherapy methods. Its potential to reduce the number of treatment sessions and minimize radiation-induced side effects offers a more patient-friendly and effective treatment approach for individuals with skin cancer. The prospects of FLASH radiation therapy are highly promising, indicating potential for substantial improvements in patient care and outcomes for skin cancer and potentially other types of cancer in the future.

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