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Zimmer Biomet's Omni Suite Gets a New AI Feature

Zimmer Biomet Holdings Introduces AI Enhancements to OmniTM Suite Discover the latest advancements in the OmniTM Suite by Zimmer Biomet Holdings, now equipped with additional artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This intelligent operating room (OR) solution revolutionizes surgical workflow by automating manual tasks, eliminating unnecessary technology, and optimizing procedural efficiency.

Experience the power of cameras integrated into the OmniTM Suite, which intelligently recognize and timestamp critical milestones in the OR workflow, including patient arrival and exit, door count, anesthetic start and stop, surgery, and cleaning. With real-time access to workflow analytics, surgical teams are guided through a streamlined process that enhances OR efficiency.

Building on the success of ZBEdgeTM, an integrated suite of smart, digital, and robotic technologies, Zimmer Biomet now integrates AI capabilities into the OmniTM Suite. The newly incorporated WalkAITM AI model predicts postoperative gait (walking) speed recovery progress following hip or knee surgery, further enhancing the suite's predictive analytics capabilities.

Experience the future of surgical technology with Zimmer Biomet's AI-powered enhancements in the OmniTM Suite, empowering surgical teams and improving patient outcomes.

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