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Xenex Introduces World's First Disinfection Tracking System

Xenex Disinfection Services has introduced an advanced disinfection tracking system called TrackMate™, specifically designed to address the challenge of tracking and reporting disinfection events in healthcare facilities. This groundbreaking solution focuses on Portable Medical Equipment (PME), such as IV pumps, workstations on wheels (WOWs), and vitals machines, which are often moved between patient rooms, potentially carrying dangerous pathogens.

TrackMate™, developed by hospitals for hospitals, is a patented device that automates the tracking of disinfection and cleaning events for both PME and hospital rooms. It is the world's first automated tracking system that complies with The Joint Commission standard IC 02.02.01 EP1, which emphasizes PME disinfection.

The TrackMate™ device is compact and easy to use. It can be attached to PME and records each disinfection/cleaning event, whether it involves liquid chemical cleaning or UV disinfection. The data is securely stored in a portal, providing valuable information for compliance and reporting to The Joint Commission.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of TrackMate™. When deployed, there was a significant increase in PME disinfection events, and 100% of disinfection events were accurately tracked and reported for compliance. This innovative solution replaces labor-intensive monitoring methods, such as equipment tags, paper checklists, and plastic bags on IV poles, streamlining the collection of disinfection event data for Joint Commission compliance reporting.

In addition to tracking disinfection events for PME and rooms, TrackMate™ can be used in various healthcare settings that require tracking and monitoring of disinfection and cleaning activities. It can be utilized to track the cleaning of surfaces in patient rooms, emergency and waiting rooms, nurse stations, kitchens, microbiology laboratories, and simulation centers.

TrackMate™ provides a game-changing solution for healthcare workers by delivering real-time disinfection/cleaning event status at the point of care. Nurses can easily check the TrackMate™ device to see when the last disinfection/cleaning event occurred. This is particularly crucial considering the CDC's acknowledgment that certain pathogens, such as Candida auris, can be commonly spread via PME. Accurate tracking of PME cleaning is vital in ensuring patient safety.

The TrackMate™ device is small, measuring 2" x 5", and can be attached to PME or placed in a room. It utilizes moisture or UV light irradiation sensing to detect disinfection events and maintains a log of all events locally and online. Data is transmitted once a day through cellular signal to an online database, allowing supervisors to access the cleaning log for quality improvement or compliance validation. Each device has a battery life of three years, providing long-term functionality.

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