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Smith+Nephew Launches Unique Digital Tensioning Device for Knee Surgery

Smith+Nephew has unveiled CORI™ Digital Tensioner, a specialized tool designed to measure the tension in knee ligaments before bone cutting. 

With the CORI Digital Tensioner, surgeons can accurately evaluate joint laxity and achieve optimal ligament tensioning force, reducing variability in knee balancing during surgery. 

This innovative device provides an objective approach to surgical planning compared to other options currently available in the market.

Using the CORI Digital Tensioner, surgeons can generate a precise force measurement to distract the knee joint, maintain uniform tension on the ligaments, and gather unbiased gap data to prepare for the procedure.

Results from a small clinical case study indicate that the CORI Digital Tensioner significantly reduced tensioning variability by 64% compared to manual techniques.

The CORI Digital Tensioner is a groundbreaking technology that addresses challenges encountered by surgeons during robotic-assisted surgery. 

It is the only ligament tensioning device in this field that can evaluate joint laxity in the natural knee prior to bone removal.

The device also automatically collects gap data throughout the entire range of motion using a specified force. Additionally, it features a software interface that allows surgeons to choose their desired target force, making it a true tensioning device. 

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