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Revolutionary Medical Advancement: The Neonav® ECG Tip Location System by Navi

Navi is currently in the advanced stages of developing the Neonav® ECG Tip Location System, an innovative medical device designated as a Breakthrough by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This cutting-edge system is poised to elevate the standard of care for critically ill newborns and pediatric patients by offering a safer way to administer therapies.

Currently, central catheters are inserted into the veins of these young patients through a blind procedure. Doctors can only confirm the catheter's location post-procedure through X-rays. Unfortunately, this method often results in misplacement of catheters, exposing patients to potentially life-threatening complications that may go undetected.

The Neonav system aims to provide a transformative solution by seamlessly connecting to a standard catheter and capturing electrical signals from the patient's heartbeat. Using a proprietary algorithm, the Neonav system offers real-time tracking of the catheter tip's location. This real-time data empowers clinicians to position the catheter quickly and safely during procedures and enables continuous surveillance of the catheter's position for ongoing safe use.

With the valuable support of Breakthrough Victoria and other collaborative partners, the journey toward bringing the Neonav ECG Tip Location System to the bedside of pediatric patients has taken a significant step forward. This innovative system has the potential to revolutionize pediatric healthcare, reducing the risk of catheter misplacement and improving patient outcomes.

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