Pristine Surgical Introduces First-of-Its-Kind Summit™ 4K Single-Use Surgical Arthroscope across U.S

Pristine Surgical, a company committed to advancing medical devices for improved endoscopy efficiency and safety, has hastened the release of its groundbreaking Summit™ 4K single-use surgical arthroscope. Following a positive reception during its limited market introduction, Summit™ is now accessible to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers throughout the United States.

This innovative scope, boasting 4K resolution, simplifies arthroscopic procedures by incorporating the latest in minimally invasive visualization technology. Summit™ is a fully integrated, sterile solution, providing a new 4K scope for each patient and eliminating the time-consuming setup, teardown, and reprocessing associated with reusable arthroscopes.

Equipped with Pristine Connect™ software, Summit™ ensures seamless cloud-connected storage of surgical images and videos, along with automated inventory management. The scope seamlessly integrates with a surgery center's existing endoscopy tower, allowing facilities to upgrade to 4K without significant capital investment.

Notably, Pristine Surgical offers a first-of-its-kind scopes-by-subscription business model, featuring transparent pricing to make this cutting-edge medical device both cost-effective and practical. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Pristine Surgical provides recycling options for its customers.



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