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Novel State-of-the-art Device Launched for Wound Care Treatment

ExtriCARE USA has introduced its revolutionary extriCARE 3000 pump, with US FDA approval in the USA.

With a wide range of therapies and excellent efficiency and efficacy, this cutting-edge medical device sets a new standard for wound care.

Patients can anticipate receiving the best care possible and medical professionals now have access to a potent tool for controlling wounds.

The extriCARE 3000 pump is a significant improvement in wound care therapy due to its ground-breaking negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) technology.

This cutting-edge technology makes an ideal healing environment while also lowering the risk of infection by utilizing negative pressure and moderate suction.

The extriCARE 3000 pump is convenient to use and portable, and it provides dependable and high-quality performance in a variety of scenarios, making it a crucial tool for healthcare professionals.

The pump is now available for purchase by healthcare professionals and consumers in the United States. ExtriCARE USA is dedicated to ensure the most recent advancement in wound care technology is easily accessible, with an emphasis on outstanding customer service and support.

While patients receive the best possible wound care, healthcare providers can rely on the extriCARE 3000 pump's dependability and effectiveness.

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