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Novel PolarisAR Surgical Guidance System Used in World’s First Total Knee Replacement Patient Treatment

PolarisAR, a developer at the forefront of advanced mixed-reality surgical guidance technology, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking achievement: the successful completion of the first total knee arthroplasty (TKA) using its cutting-edge STELLAR Knee mixed-reality surgical guidance system. This milestone procedure took place at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York.

The STELLAR Knee system represents a significant advancement in surgical navigation platforms, harnessing mixed reality to provide surgeons with real-time, three-dimensional data overlays during TKA procedures. By facilitating seamless communication between the surgeon and the software, this innovative system enhances surgical decision-making and streamlines operating room procedures.

An important feature of the STELLAR Knee system is its ability to integrate seamlessly into existing surgical workflows, addressing gaps where traditional robotic systems may be utilized. This integration, combined with its mixed-reality interface, ensures that every patient can benefit from the highest quality of care.

Unlike conventional instruments, navigation systems, and early-generation augmented reality platforms, the STELLAR Knee system offers precise control over intraoperative variables. Surgeons can optimize lower limb alignment, soft tissue balance, joint line maintenance, and component positioning through meticulous measurement, planning, and guidance.

Traditional techniques for TKA have long been associated with challenges such as achieving precise alignment and balance, limited flexibility and customization, and obstacles to widespread adoption of robotic technologies due to their large intraoperative footprint. In contrast, the STELLAR Knee system is implant-agnostic and imageless, making it more accessible to surgeons and patients alike.

PolarisAR is dedicated to democratizing enabling technologies like the STELLAR Knee system, with the goal of enhancing patient outcomes and transforming the field of orthopedic surgery.


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