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Merit Medical Launches Novel Device for Cancer Care

The new SCOUT® MD™ Surgical Guidance System has been given a breakthrough device designation by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The SCOUT MD represents the most recent development in Merit's ongoing leadership and dedication to improving oncology care.

The SCOUT® Radar Localization system with the new SCOUT® Mini Reflector and SCOUT Bx™ Delivery System, as well as the SAVI® Brachy System, are all part of SCOUT MD, which broadens Merit's range of portfolio to improve oncology for breast and other soft tissue cancers.

The implantation of four different reflector configurations is supported by the SCOUT MD localization device.

The reflectors, which are implanted within abnormal breast tissue or other soft tissue, give surgeons the ability to pinpoint tumour location in multiple dimensions for more precise excision, minimizing trauma to healthy tissue and assisting in lowering the risk of re-excision as well as the emotional and physical pain connected with a second surgery.

Breast cancer accounts for 12.5% of all new cases of cancer each year, making it the most prevalent cancer in the globe.

As a kind of breast conserving surgery, lumpectomies are frequently carried out. However, it's thought that 20% to 30% of women who have lumpectomies will require a second procedure.

Localization techniques enable surgeons to accurately target breast cancer, potentially leading to more effective operations and better patient outcomes.

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