Medtronic Diabetes Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Approval for MiniMed™ 780G System with Simplera Sync™ Sensor

Medtronic plc, a prominent player in healthcare technology, has recently obtained CE Mark approval for its groundbreaking MiniMed™ 780G system, featuring Simplera Sync™. This innovative system incorporates a disposable, all-in-one continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that eliminates the need for fingersticks or overtape. Simplera Sync™ enhances user experience with its streamlined two-step insertion process and boasts a reduced size compared to previous Medtronic sensors.*

Positioned as Medtronic's most advanced insulin delivery system, the MiniMed™ 780G system autonomously adjusts glucose levels every 5 minutes, providing corrective measures as necessary.† What sets this system apart is its unique Meal Detection™ feature‡, strategically designed to minimize post-meal hyperglycemia in instances where users may forget to administer insulin or miscalculate their carb intake.

Noteworthy features of the system include the inclusion of the world's only 7-day infusion set and one of the lowest glucose target settings (as low as 100 mg/dL) among automated insulin delivery systems. Embracing a "treat to target" philosophy, the system aims to closely mimic the glucose levels found in individuals without diabetes. Importantly, both the Simplera Sync™ sensor and the Guardian™ 4 sensor eradicate the need for traditional fingerstick testing.

Tailored for individuals aged 7 and above, the MiniMed™ 780G system with Simplera Sync™ sensor is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Leveraging Medtronic's advanced AID algorithm, it presents a similar look and feel to the Simplera™ CGM, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly diabetes management solution.


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