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Masimo's Hemodynamic Monitoring Solution Secures Breakthrough Device Designation

Masimo has recently received the CE mark, aligning with the European Union Medical Device Regulation, for their innovative LiDCO® board-in-cable (BIC) module. The LiDCO BIC module is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with multi-patient monitoring platforms, such as the Masimo Root® Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Hub, facilitating advanced hemodynamic monitoring.

This development allows healthcare professionals to effortlessly incorporate LiDCO's advanced hemodynamic monitoring capabilities, featuring the unique PulseCO® algorithm, into the existing Root patient monitoring hubs. It's important to note that the LiDCO module is highly adaptable and can work with various pressure transducers, providing healthcare facilities and clinicians with greater flexibility.

This innovation marks a significant advancement as it offers a solution for hemodynamic monitoring alongside other supported parameters without the need for a dedicated hemodynamic monitoring system. The LiDCO module provides comprehensive support, including guided protocols for assessing fluid responsiveness, detailed trending data, and customizable notifications for beat-by-beat pressure analysis on the Root monitor, tailored to each patient's specific requirements.

By combining Masimo's rainbow® Pulse CO-Oximetry with LiDCO's hemodynamic monitoring, healthcare providers gain valuable insights into a patient's condition. The LiDCO module is designed for straightforward setup and versatile operation, utilizing the patient's existing arterial line and blood pressure transducer to monitor a wide range of advanced hemodynamic parameters, thanks to the powerful beat-by-beat PulseCO algorithm.

The real-time analysis delivered by beat-by-beat monitoring is critical for providing timely feedback on a patient's fluid and hemodynamic status, reducing delays commonly associated with other hemodynamic monitoring methods that rely on assumptions or the detection of specific vascular features. The streamlined design of the board-in-cable module ensures seamless compatibility with the Root monitor and other multiparameter platforms, eliminating the need for a dedicated hemodynamic monitor in already crowded operating rooms and intensive care units.

The integration of LiDCO into the Root monitor, which also offers SpHb for hemoglobin monitoring and SedLine® and O3® for brain monitoring, ensures that all essential patient data is readily available on a single monitoring platform.


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