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IntuiTap Medical's FDA clearance for VerTouch™ signals a novel era in epidural procedures

IntuiTap Medical proudly announces the FDA clearance of VerTouch, their state-of-the-art medical device. VerTouch revolutionizes spinal punctures by eliminating guesswork, ensuring accuracy and consistency in procedures. This achievement marks a significant advancement in IntuiTap's mission to redefine the standard of care for the millions of Americans undergoing these procedures annually.

The FDA clearance validates VerTouch's safety and effectiveness after undergoing rigorous testing at renowned medical institutions such as Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Texas Medical Center. VerTouch, a handheld imaging tool, assists healthcare providers of all experience levels in performing spinal punctures with precision at the bedside.

Traditionally, healthcare providers relied on manual techniques, feeling the patient's vertebrae and inserting the needle blindly. VerTouch, utilizing IntuiTap's proprietary spinal mapping technology, generates a 2D image of lumbar spinal anatomy. This allows providers to visualize key landmarks, aiding in decision-making and needle placement.

By enhancing procedure accuracy and efficiency, VerTouch has the potential to improve patient outcomes, reduce procedure-related anxiety, and minimize referrals to radiology, thereby lowering healthcare costs. VerTouch is expected to be available to patients within the year, promising a transformative impact on spinal puncture procedures.



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