Introducing Avertix's Guardian™ System: AdventHealth Orlando Offers the First FDA-Approved Implantable Heart Attack Detection and Warning System

Avertix Medical, Inc., formerly known as Angel Medical Systems, Inc., has partnered with AdventHealth Orlando, a renowned hospital system in Florida, to introduce the Guardian™ System. This groundbreaking implantable heart attack detection and warning system has received FDA approval, making it the first of its kind. The Guardian System, developed by Avertix, aims to enhance long-term management and outcomes for patients who have survived one or more heart attacks.

With its real-time capabilities, the Guardian System can detect acute coronary syndrome events, including silent and atypical symptomatic heart attacks. By capturing cardiac signals directly from the heart, the system provides accurate and reliable data, allowing for life-saving alerts to be sent to both patients and healthcare professionals. This advanced technology helps prevent unnecessary visits to the emergency room and equips physicians with individualized and up-to-date information, enabling personalized patient care.

Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the Guardian System offers patient-specific detection and real-time insights, empowering healthcare providers and patients to actively monitor and manage cardiovascular health outcomes. This significant advancement in cardiac care has the potential to transform the detection and treatment of heart attacks, addressing the leading cause of death globally.

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are responsible for the highest number of global deaths. In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death, with over 800,000 heart attacks occurring each year. Furthermore, approximately 25% of heart attack survivors experience a second heart attack within five years of their initial event. The Guardian System aims to make a substantial impact on these statistics, improving the long-term prognosis for high-risk coronary disease patients.

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