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Intellego Technologies And Hai Solutions Team Up And Introduce Novel Intravenous Port Disinfection Technology With Ultraviolet Photochromic Ink To Mitigate Contamination Risks

Intellego Technologies and HAI Solutions have recently announced a strategic partnership aimed at improving the quality and safety of intravenous (IV) vascular access. The collaboration involves the integration of Intellego's proprietary ultraviolet-sensitive ink into HAI Solutions' QIKcap™ technology, offering a visible and reliable solution for disinfecting needle-free connectors.

The QIKcap Disinfection Device™, developed by HAI Solutions, is a handheld UV-C tool designed to irradiate the surface of intravenous connectors and access points, preventing the ingress of harmful microorganisms. The device incorporates Intellego's specialized luer cap, known as QIKcap™, which utilizes the ultraviolet-sensitive ink. When exposed to the UV-C handheld device, the QIKcap undergoes a color change from yellow to pink, serving as a visual indicator that sufficient germicidal energy has been delivered in as little as one second.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to address the persistent risk of bloodstream infections (BSI) and hospital-onset bacteremia (HOB) associated with IV access. Recent data from The Leapfrog Group's 2023 Hospital Safety Grade report reveals a concerning increase in healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in U.S. hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a significant rise in average CLABSI standard infection ratio. These HAIs, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), central line bloodstream infections (CLABSI), and catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), not only result in prolonged hospital stays but also contribute to increased costs and mortality rates.

The innovative application of Intellego's ultraviolet-sensitive ink in medical devices marks a notable milestone for the company renowned for its UVC Dosimeters product line. UVC Dosimeters, trusted by OEMs, academic institutions, and healthcare facilities worldwide, are recognized for their reliable measurement of germicidal ultraviolet energy delivered to surfaces.

Claes Lindahl, CEO of Intellego Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about expanding the application of their proprietary ink technology in novel ways to provide visible evidence of successful UV irradiation. Lindahl emphasized the company's commitment to life-saving technologies and promoting the safety, efficacy, and efficiency of ultraviolet disinfection applications through their partnership with HAI Solutions.

Nicholas Perrenoud, CEO of HAI Solutions, also expressed excitement about the strategic partnership, emphasizing the collaborative opportunities and added value they can deliver to stakeholders. Perrenoud looks forward to a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration with Intellego Technologies.

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