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Imagebiopsy Lab Introduces New Ib Lab Squirrel: Ai-driven Evaluation Of Scoliosis-related Indicators On The Spine

ImageBiopsy Lab, a prominent leader in AI-driven medical imaging solutions, has recently unveiled IB Lab SQUIRREL and achieved MDR CE certification for this software. This cutting-edge tool introduces a comprehensive suite of automated measurements designed for the assessment and quantification of scoliosis, encompassing critical parameters like coronal balance and Cobb angles – widely acknowledged as the orthopedic "Gold Standard" for evaluating this condition.

The global impact of scoliosis on millions of individuals underscores the significance of precise evaluation of spinal deformities to ensure effective treatment planning and monitoring. However, the identification of curvature end vertebrae and the measurement of Cobb angles have conventionally been labor-intensive tasks marked by substantial inter and intra-observer variability. Notably, clinical studies have revealed that measurements taken in the afternoon can diverge by as much as 5° from morning measurements taken by the same observer. Addressing these challenges, ImageBiopsy Lab has developed IB Lab SQUIRREL to enhance consistency and reliability in scoliosis assessments, fostering standardization within the field.

Rigorously honed through comprehensive training on a dataset of over 17,000 images, IB Lab SQUIRREL guarantees accuracy and robustness in scoliosis assessment. The software yields measurement outcomes aligned with established clinical norms and offers diverse output formats, all conveniently accessible and reviewable by medical professionals through compliant medical DICOM viewers.

By streamlining workflows, saving time, and mitigating potential human errors, IB Lab SQUIRREL stands poised to revolutionize scoliosis assessment. This launch further enriches ImageBiopsy Lab's assortment of AI-powered software solutions, dedicated specifically to the requisites of musculoskeletal radiology.


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