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Hyperfine's First-of-its-kind Portable MRI Brain Imaging System Enhances Early Detection of Acute Brain Injury in ECMO Patients

Hyperfine, a pioneering medical device company, has revolutionized brain imaging with the world's first FDA-cleared, portable, ultra-low-field magnetic resonance brain imaging system known as the Swoop® system. This innovation has had a transformative impact on assessing acute brain injuries (ABI) in 46 adult patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) at two major U.S. medical institutions. The study conducted with portable MR brain imaging for ECMO patients highlighted its potential advantages over computerized tomography (CT) scans, particularly in the early detection of ischemic stroke.

The research examined the feasibility of employing portable MR brain imaging in adult ECMO patients and revealed a high incidence of acute brain injuries, with ischemic stroke being the most prevalent type. Furthermore, it emphasized the significant role of MR-based neuroimaging in ABI detection and its potential to enhance neurological outcomes. The study underscored the benefits of portable MR brain imaging over traditional CT scans, particularly in the early detection of ischemic injuries. The advantages of using the Swoop® portable brain imaging system for the early assessment of acute brain injuries in ECMO patients were evident. Without the Swoop® system, patients too unstable to be transported would lack access to the benefits of MR brain imaging, where timely access to this technology can have a profound impact on minimizing care delays.

The Swoop® system was developed by physicists driven by a passion for redefining brain imaging methods and enhancing the application of accessible diagnostic imaging in patient care. Conventional, stationary, and expensive MRI technology is often inconvenient or unavailable when urgently needed. The portable, ultra-low-field Swoop® system represents a game-changing solution to these challenges.


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