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Healthcasts Unveils ConsensusAI: A Novel AI-Powered Real-Time Patient Consultation Tool for Healthcare Professionals

A healthcare communications-technology company has recently launched ConsensusAI, an innovative tool designed to assist clinicians in making faster medical decisions while utilizing the Healthcasts platform. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) generated by Healthcasts' HCP-member network, ConsensusAI analyzes real-time clinical consultations, providing immediate access to essential insights that improve patient diagnoses and treatment selection.

The compression and acceleration of crowdsourced HCP-provided data revolutionize how healthcare professionals (HCPs) deliver superior treatment, leading to enhanced patient outcomes, while saving significant research time. Notably, 60% of HCPs use Healthcasts during office hours, and 66% have already adapted their treatment plans based on information exchanged through the platform.

With ConsensusAI, HCPs gain increased empowerment to utilize their own real-world data, transforming how they collaborate with their peers and provide optimal care to their patients. Healthcasts' technology addresses data source concerns by relying solely on verified and validated HCP opinions and patient consultations. With over two decades of facilitating HCP data exchanges, the company's vast and proprietary database ensures credibility and efficacy in its offerings.


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