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First-of-its-kind CT Scanner Discovered at HHS in Canada

Hamilton Health Sciences in partnership with McMaster University has become the first Canadian hospital to have a new type of CT scanner. This will help improve their services and give them a competitive advantage.

Newer versions of the program contain features that provide more functionality, quicker processing, and improved image quality to help diagnose and treat people.

Every patient who comes to MUMC will have access to the new CT scanner, including adults and pediatric patients.

The machine is ready to use and patient-centered. Also, cameras and tablets have been installed so that technologists can stay with the patient while setting up their scans.

Alongside a new mobile X-ray machine came a new X-ray room with some new equipment. In total, three new ultrasound rooms, one new ultrasound machine and one MRI machine with 'whisper' technology were installed for easier operations.

Another MRI machine is scheduled to arrive this July, to be followed by a third MRI machine in 2022.

Better imaging and reduced waiting times for patients are two additional benefits of this newer technology.

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