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Exo® Breaks New Ground in Ultrasound Technology with Exo Iris™

Exo, a prominent player in the field of medical imaging software and devices, has introduced a groundbreaking handheld ultrasound device known as Exo Iris™. This innovative device is designed to empower healthcare professionals with high-performance medical imaging capabilities, all while fitting comfortably in their pockets.

Exo Iris leverages advanced silicon technology, delivering versatile imaging performance for point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) at a fraction of the size and cost compared to traditional cart-based systems. This introduction expands Exo's ecosystem, which encompasses imaging, workflow software, and artificial intelligence (AI), with the aim of facilitating the widespread adoption of POCUS.

Exo Iris offers a window into the human body, providing immediate insights at the point of care for healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, EMTs, and clinicians across various healthcare settings, including emergency, acute care, outpatient, and at-home care. It signifies a new era in ultrasound technology, driven by a mission to improve patient care, save lives, and reduce healthcare costs. Exo Iris is the initial offering in a series of transformative innovations set to redefine the landscape of medical imaging.

Designed with caregivers in mind, Exo Iris seamlessly integrates a user-friendly interface with real-time AI capabilities, ensuring that both novice and experienced users can easily access instant answers. The device is equipped with Exo's Bladder AI solution, enabling quick determination of bladder volume.

At the heart of Exo Iris lies Exo's patented pMUT-based technology, which combines the imaging capabilities of piezoelectric crystals with the affordability of silicon. This groundbreaking technology provides Exo Iris with unparalleled sensitivity, enabling deeper insights into the body and precise tracking of fine structures. Caregivers can use it to scan major organs and guide IVs and line procedures.

Regarding integration, hospitals can seamlessly connect Exo Iris to their existing healthcare IT systems for compliance and storage, including their PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) or VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive). Additionally, they have the option to securely store examinations in Exo's cloud environment. Exo Iris' platform meets the highest standards to ensure the protection of sensitive information.



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