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Curiteva Unveils Groundbreaking 3D Printed PEEK Medical Device with Full Regulatory Clearance for Commercial Launch in the United States

Curiteva, a privately held technology and manufacturing company based in Huntsville, AL, proudly announces the commercial launch of its groundbreaking Inspire Porous PEEK HAFUSE Cervical Interbody System. This remarkable achievement comes after the company pioneered and obtained regulatory clearance earlier this year for the world's first 3D printed, fully interconnected porous PEEK interbody device. Through innovative additive manufacturing of polymers, this development introduces a new class of interbody fusion devices with enhanced characteristics to promote bony healing.

The launch of the Inspire platform is just the beginning, as Curiteva remains committed to further developing its lumbar portfolio, which is scheduled for release in 2024. The Inspire Porous PEEK HAFUSE Cervical Interbody System is manufactured using Curiteva's proprietary and patented Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer. This revolutionary process creates a fully interconnected and integrated porous structure within the implant, facilitating osseointegration, improving radiographic assessment, and delivering superior biomechanics.

The uniqueness of the Inspire device lies in its combination of the HAFUSE nanotechnology surface treatment and the novel porous PEEK structure. This innovation creates a hydrophilic, bioactive environment that supports cell attachment, proliferation, and healing, as evidenced by pre-clinical animal and in vitro studies. Curiteva's dedication to cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing techniques has resulted in a remarkable medical device that holds great promise for interbody fusion procedures.



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