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Butterfly Network Launches Novel Butterfly iQ3™ in the United States

Butterfly Network, a leading digital health company known for its portable, semiconductor-based ultrasound technology and user-friendly software, has introduced its latest innovation in the United States: the Butterfly iQ3™ handheld point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) system. Recently cleared by the FDA, the Butterfly iQ3™ boasts advanced semiconductor technology that doubles the data transfer rate of its predecessor, resulting in exceptional image quality and quicker micro-beamforming for enhanced 3D capabilities, such as iQ Slice™ and iQ Fan™.

This release marks a significant milestone for Butterfly, affirming the potential of semiconductor-based digital ultrasound as the future standard in medical imaging. The Butterfly iQ3™ raises the bar by delivering digital image quality comparable to traditional handheld devices and certain cart-based systems, appealing to experienced POCUS users and supporting new learners with its intuitive interface and advanced features. Offering high-resolution images with twice the processing power of previous models, the iQ3™ features a unique "no focus" rubber lens for intuitive anatomy identification and detailed observation of small structures, aiding in confident diagnostic decisions.

Alongside these improvements, the Butterfly iQ3™ introduces two new 3D imaging capabilities designed for simplified image capture: iQ Slice and iQ Fan. iQ Slice is the industry's first automated, sequential ultrasound capture mode on a handheld device, utilizing Butterfly's proprietary Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology to capture up to 46 ultrasound slices with ease. Additionally, iQ Fan enhances the iQ Slice technology by offering real-time, automated probe fanning for improved visualization of lung conditions, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and allowing users to focus on analyzing the images.


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