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Bioretec Unveils Revolutionary Bioresorbable Metal Implants

Bioretec has recently developed a new type of metal implant, called RemeOs™ trauma screw, which is designed to help in the healing of bone fractures.

This innovative implant is made of bioresorbable material and is intended to replace traditional titanium and steel implants. By using the RemeOs™ trauma screw, the need for additional surgery to remove the implant is eliminated, making it a more convenient and cost-effective solution for patients.

The RemeOs™ trauma screw is a breakthrough product that can help orthopedic clinics meet their operational and healthcare objectives, while also improving the value proposition for patients with ankle fractures.

The implant is made of a unique bioactive and osteopromotive magnesium alloy, which represents a significant advancement in the field of bioresorbable materials.

RemeOs™ trauma screws are unique in that they can be gradually absorbed by the body, removing the need for any follow-up removal surgeries and greatly reducing the chances of post-surgical complications. This sets them apart from traditional metal implants, which cannot be absorbed by the body.

This innovative technology combines the best features of traditional metal implants and last-generation bioresorbable polymer implants, resulting in improved surgical outcomes and a better overall experience for patients.

RemeOs™ trauma screws utilize the body's natural healing mechanisms, without introducing foreign substances into the body. Clinical trials have shown that these screws are more effective than traditional metal implants or other bioresorbable implants currently available on the market, in promoting new bone growth for fracture treatment.

The screws have demonstrated an ability to significantly enhance bone growth, making them a promising solution for orthopedic surgeries.

Bioretec's RemeOs™ bioresorbable orthopedic implant is a cost-effective and safe alternative to other orthopedic implants used in clinical settings. The use of RemeOs™ eliminates the need for additional implant removal surgeries, which results in reduced risk of complications and significant cost savings compared to other clinically used products.

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