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Aidoc launches First and Only AI-Powered Solution for Detecting Posterior and Anterior Large and Medium Vessel Occlusions

Aidoc, a pioneer in clinical AI, launches the groundbreaking Full Brain Solution an innovative leap that greatly enhances AI analysis for potential stroke detection. This innovative solution marks a significant advancement in medical technology, expanding the scope of AI-analyzed anatomy for the identification of potential strokes. This innovation facilitates the collaborative care of patients potentially affected by medium vessel occlusions (MeVOs), along with anterior and posterior large vessel occlusions (LVOs).

The Comprehensive Brain Solution represents a remarkable breakthrough, as it is the first AI-powered technology capable of identifying potential posterior and anterior LVOs and MeVOs. This expansion is particularly important considering the prevalence of these conditions. In the United States, there are approximately 795,000 strokes annually, with around 87% being ischemic strokes. Among these cases, MeVOs make up about 25-40%, while LVOs account for 24-46%. Notably, about 20-25% of LVO cases involve the posterior region.

The inclusion of posterior LVOs and MeVOs effectively doubles the number of patients who can benefit from quicker access to life-saving therapies through AI-driven care coordination. AI has already demonstrated its success in streamlining workflows for patients with anterior LVOs, resulting in nearly a 50% reduction in treatment time.

The Comprehensive Brain Solution goes beyond acute ischemic stroke scenarios, utilizing a variety of AI technologies such as image-based identification and natural language processing. This comprehensive approach aids in the seamless identification and coordination of care for patients dealing with issues like intracerebral hemorrhage, subdural hemorrhage, and brain aneurysms, making it a comprehensive neurovascular AI solution.

Aidoc delivers the Comprehensive Brain Solution through its exclusive operating system, aiOS™, empowering organizations to deploy AI solutions at scale while overcoming challenges posed by outdated IT systems and fragmented physician workflows. The aiOS™ seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure, unlocking the full potential of AI in the healthcare domain. Importantly, Aidoc's aiOS™ is the sole platform seamlessly integrated into electronic health records (EHR), ensuring a holistic approach to patient care.

As AI continues to drive transformative progress in healthcare, the pioneering Comprehensive Brain Solution is pushing boundaries even further by significantly reducing treatment time for an expanded range of patients. This monumental achievement underscores AI's capacity to address healthcare challenges, enhancing patient outcomes and expediting critical care delivery.

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