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AI-Driven Tool Breaks New Ground: Real-Time Decoding of Brain Cancer Genome During Surgery

Scientists have recently developed a groundbreaking AI tool that can rapidly decode the DNA of brain tumors, providing valuable molecular information during surgery. This is a significant advancement compared to the current approach, which can take days or even weeks to determine such information. By obtaining the molecular identity of a tumor in real-time, neurosurgeons can make critical decisions while the patient is still on the operating table, including the extent of brain tissue removal and the potential use of tumor-targeting drugs.

Accurate molecular diagnosis during surgery is crucial for neurosurgeons to determine the appropriate amount of brain tissue to remove. Removing too much tissue in less aggressive tumors can impact a patient's neurological and cognitive functions, while insufficient removal in highly aggressive tumors may leave behind malignant tissue that can quickly spread. Additionally, knowing the molecular identity of the tumor during surgery is advantageous as certain tumors can benefit from immediate treatment with drug-coated wafers placed directly into the brain.

The ability to achieve intraoperative molecular diagnosis in real-time has the potential to advance the field of precision oncology. Currently, the standard diagnostic approach during surgery involves freezing brain tissue and examining it under a microscope. However, this method has limitations, such as altered cell appearances due to freezing and the difficulty in reliably detecting subtle genomic variations visually. The AI tool overcomes these challenges by providing rapid and accurate genomic analysis, revolutionizing the field of brain cancer surgery.

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