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SMH-Venice Embarks on $90 Million Initiative to Enhance Emergency and Surgical Care Facilities


Advancing Emergency and Surgical Care: SMH-Venice's Expansion Endeavor


The primary objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of both emergency care and surgical services, catering to the healthcare requirements of the southern county.

The focus is currently on the ECC's north/west wall, part of the existing 28-bed facility.

Interior wall adjustments are in progress to establish a safe area for the upcoming exterior wall demolition and the construction of a 30,000 square-foot extension.

Notable changes have been made to streamline the operational flow of ECC's triage and lobby waiting areas.

Importantly, no modifications have been necessary for the existing walk-in, ambulance entrances, and the helicopter landing pad, as these areas are situated a significant distance away from the construction zone.

To minimize disruptions, the construction work has been carefully planned in phases.

During construction, only one to two emergency rooms will be temporarily closed at any given time.

To protect the second-floor surgical suites from disturbances, meticulous measures have been taken.

A significant portion of the second-floor work is scheduled for nighttime hours to ensure minimal construction-related noise during the daytime.

As part of the ongoing ER expansion, the number of ECC exam rooms is set to increase substantially, growing from 28 to a total of 62 rooms. This includes the incorporation of two additional resuscitation rooms, making a total of four.

The expansion will also encompass improved diagnostic capabilities, featuring additional radiology rooms and dedicated space for a new CT scanner within the ECC.

In response to higher-than-expected surgical demands, SMH-Venice is actively augmenting the existing six surgical suites to a total of eight by the end of the current year. Moreover, provisions are being made for an additional eight operating rooms in the hospital's future plans.

The ongoing construction involves a five-story patient care tower.

This tower is expected to result in a doubling of the hospital's bed capacity, increasing from 110 private patient rooms to an impressive total of 212.

Subsequently, the second floor will provide an additional 34 patient rooms by the end of the same year.

The third floor of the tower is dedicated to housing mechanical infrastructure, while the design of the first floor accounts for future needs and developments.

The anticipated completion date for the expansion is in December 2024.

The opening of the tower will occur in phases, with the fourth and fifth floors (each with 34 patient rooms) set to open in April 2024.


Name: SMH
Type:   Expansion
Year:   2024.

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