HonorHealth Invests US$170 million for Medical Center Expansion in USA

HonorHealth has invested $170 million in the expansion of its HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Centre in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The project will include more patient beds, surgery rooms, and the expansion of critical support departments.

The extension will be completed in three stages, with considerable overlap between them.The project will unfold in three distinct phases spanning a two-year period.

During the initial phase, a state-of-the-art support services building will be constructed, boasting a larger loading dock and a dedicated entrance.

To streamline service delivery, a convenient tunnel will be established, connecting the building to Pavilion 1.

The second phase will focus on expanding the surgical area by adding four new operating rooms. Finally, Pavilion 3, a remarkable four-story structure spanning 166,000 square feet, will be erected in the third phase. This new pavilion will provide additional patient beds and facilitate the expansion and modernization of vital departments such as food services, labs, and pharmacy.

Construction is set to begin this summer, with the project expected to be completed by 2025.


Name        HonorHealth
Type          Expansion
Budget       US$170 million
Year           2025

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