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Great Western Hospitals Wins US $34 million for Emergency Care Expansion in USA


For the expansion of emergency care in the States, the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded US $34 million.


The organization also has US $59 million in internal resources that are available.

The biggest investment ever made at the hospital site, the expansion of urgent and emergency care follows the inauguration of a new urgent treatment centre and radiotherapy centre last year.

The existing Children's Emergency Department and Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) will be combined into a new Children's Emergency Unit at this new emergency "front door".

A brand-new, spacious emergency department, a centre for same-day emergency care that is much more capable, and our new children's emergency unit will all be included in the new urgent and emergency care expansion.

Additionally, each of these services will have a direct connection to the new Urgent Treatment Centre, allowing patients to move between them with ease and receive the proper treatment based on their clinical requirements.

It will also make room for more clinical activity or inpatient beds to move some services from other parts of the hospital to the ground floor, like the Paediatric Assessment Unit that is presently on the second floor.

The site has already begun to undergo enabling work in preparation for building. This entails removing the space from the area outside the emergency room and rerouting walk-in entrance through the Urgent Treatment Centre.

The renovation will take place after the new structure, which is anticipated to be finished in spring 2024.


NameGreat Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
BudgetUS $34 million
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