Wellstar Health System Selects Medline as Strategic Partner for Laboratory Supplies

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Medline, a leading healthcare supply company, has announced an expansion of its partnership with Wellstar Health System based in Georgia. The multi-year agreement establishes Medline as the prime vendor for laboratory supplies and solutions across Wellstar's extensive network, including nine hospital laboratories, a molecular lab, and multiple ambulatory labs. This expansion aims to drive standardization, cost savings, and operational efficiencies within Wellstar's supply chain.

Brice Bruno, VP of laboratory services at Wellstar, expressed confidence in the partnership, noting Medline's exceptional support during the pandemic. The expanded collaboration will enable further standardization across the entire Wellstar system, leading to optimized supply chain operations and improved cost efficiencies.

Medline's expertise in supply chain management will contribute to enhancing Wellstar's operational results by seamlessly integrating the laboratory business into the broader supply chain operations. Dedicated Medline team members, including a full-time analyst, will be assigned to Wellstar, ensuring transparency and efficiency in supply chain operations. Furthermore, Wellstar will benefit from Medline's advanced analytics platforms, enabling easy monitoring of key metrics such as item utilization, contract compliance, price accuracy, and spend by product categories across their laboratory operations.

Jennifer Griffin, divisional sales director for Medline, highlighted the company's commitment to providing reliable service and meeting Wellstar's inventory needs. Medline's unique approach to laboratory distribution and its extensive portfolio of 120,000 products, including Medline-branded offerings, position the company as a comprehensive solution provider across the entire continuum of care.

For more information about Medline's tailored solutions and their impact on supply chain efficiency, visit their website at



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