WaveFront Dynamics Inc. Launches WaveDȳn® Vision Analyzer

Friday, March 31, 2023

WaveFront Dynamics Inc., a leading ophthalmic medical device company, is excited to announce the commercial launch of its groundbreaking dynamic aberrometry measurement system, the WaveDyn Vision Analyzer. This innovative system captures a dynamic video of the eye's optical system over time, providing a comprehensive view of its performance. With its high resolution and dynamic measurement capabilities, the WaveDyn Analyzer offers accurate objective refractions, analysis of ocular surface quality, and accommodative function. The system streamlines workflow with its nine ocular measurements, empowering clinicians with valuable insights.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic wavefront aberrometry
  • Objective refraction
  • Dynamic corneal topography
  • Corneal surface irregularity
  • Keratometry
  • Dynamic iris image
  • Pupil dynamics
  • Subjective refraction confirmation
  • Accommodation range measurement

At the heart of Wavefront Dynamics' continuous innovation is the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, a technology renowned for its application in improving telescope image quality. Wavefront Dynamics' founder and CEO, Dr. Dan Neal, has leveraged this technology to develop various applications, ranging from aero-optic phenomena measurement to large telescope mirror analysis for the James Webb Space Telescope. With nearly three decades of experience, the team has consistently pushed the boundaries of wavefront technology to measure and correct imperfections in the human eye, ultimately enhancing visual performance.

"The WaveDyn Vision Analyzer exemplifies our unwavering commitment to innovation and progress in wavefront technology," expressed Dr. Neal. "This platform will enable us to forge strategic industry partnerships and develop personalized ophthalmic treatment solutions for patients."

Clinicians are equally enthusiastic about the WaveDyn Vision Analyzer's capabilities. Dr. Christine Sindt, OD, FAAO Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Iowa Health Care, remarked, "The WaveDyn Vision Analyzer has revolutionized my understanding of ocular optics and what can be achieved. I now incorporate aberration measurement into all aspects of patient care, leveraging the data provided by the WaveDyn System to initiate precise refractions. This system has empowered me to provide functional glasses for eyes with aberrations."

Experience the future of ophthalmic diagnostics and treatment planning with the WaveDyn Vision Analyzer from WaveFront Dynamics Inc.


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