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Ulrich Medical USA® Granted FDA Approval for Broadened Implementations of Momentum® and Momentum® MIS Systems

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Ulrich Medical USA, a trailblazer in expandable corpectomy devices and a leading force in spine technology, has announced FDA clearance for the extended indications of the Momentum and Momentum MIS Posterior Spinal Fixation Systems. This significant development permits the use of both systems in conjunction with G21 V-STEADY Radiopaque Bone Cement, specifically tailored for restoring spinal column integrity in patients grappling with advanced-stage tumors.

The Momentum and Momentum MIS Posterior Spinal Fixation Systems are instrumental in providing stability, fixation, and correction for the thoracolumbar and sacroiliac spine. These cutting-edge fixation systems empower surgeons to address a wide array of adult degenerative and deformity cases, spanning connections from occiput to pelvis, bone cement augmentation, and revisions for adjacent segment disease in the restoration of spinal alignment, whether through open or percutaneous procedures.

The integration of Momentum with V-STEADY not only expands treatment options but also equips surgeons with a unique approach to support their most challenging cases.


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