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TransLogic™ Tube Systems are Made in the USA

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

TransLogic™, a Swisslog Healthcare company and a leading supplier in transport automation, has evolved to maintain its supply chain and manufacturing offerings domestically. TransLogic™ boasts that its solutions are “Made in the USA,” leading to improved quality of systems, reduced lead times, and reduced costs for sourcing and engineering.

“TransLogic is not just ‘assembled’ in the USA, but is made in the USA, which makes our North American distribution and implementation faster, easier and less expensive,” said Cory Kwarta, President of TransLogic. “Our products are now offered at a higher quality with significantly fewer supply chain issues, which ultimately benefits our customers and their patients.”

With its domestic supply chain, TransLogic™ has maintained a 90% on-time delivery rating despite challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. With nominal supply chain issues and fewer shipping delays, TransLogic™ has been able to deliver quality controls that meet North American healthcare standards, which exceed the requirements in most other global markets. Additionally, leveraging a domestic supply chain continuously improves the organization’s core tube systems, which offers dependability that lasts decades.

TransLogic’s enhanced mission and vision draws on the organization’s 100 years of experience in the industry and is the underlying strategy for significant improvements for elevated performance of the tube systems. The assurance of its domestic manufacturing and distribution is just one of several strategies for a sharpened vision and market approach that communicates the company’s growth, advancements, and change management supporting customer workflows.

“While remaining tried and true to our operations, we have fine-tuned our long term objectives and short term goals for TransLogic™ to best serve the North American market in every way. This comes with a new brand message and design which represents our direction,” added Eric Waski, SVP of the TransLogic Technology Center. “Our operational technology will continue to support new construction projects, and modernize existing automation systems while diving even deeper into the internal workflows of each customer.”

Within the past year, the TransLogic constituency has benefited from the multiple educational resources for healthcare facilities that Swisslog Healthcare provided. These offer guidance on efficiently managing and resolving workforce challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and how organizations have pivoted since. With a new, sharpened vision for the future, TransLogic is equipped to deliver even more thought leadership going forward. To learn more, visit



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