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SpineX Reveals Groundbreaking Advances in Cerebral Palsy Therapies

Friday, July 28, 2023

SpineX's groundbreaking research in neuromodulation is receiving international recognition once again, with the recent publication of two peer-reviewed papers in Frontiers, a renowned journal specializing in rehabilitation research from various perspectives - biological, clinical, and socio-humanistic. The journal aims to explore innovative ways to improve the well-being and function of individuals with disabilities, positioning rehabilitation as a pivotal healthcare strategy in the 21st century.

Cerebral Palsy (CP), affecting around 500,000 children and over 250,000 adults in the United States, is the most prevalent childhood disability. The condition arises due to abnormal neural connectivity between the brain and spinal cord, leading to motor function impairment, voluntary movement difficulties, and everyday challenges.

SpineX is at the forefront of developing a novel, patented neuromodulation technology, acting akin to a "hearing aid" for the spine, to amplify correct neural signals and aid patients in better controlling muscle movement. Through ongoing clinical trials of their non-invasive therapy platforms, SpineX has shown significant potential to enhance the lives of children living with CP. Their proprietary SCiP™ device specifically targets the abnormal connectivity between the brain and spinal cord, addressing the root causes of CP. The company intends to initiate a multisite trial in 2024 and subsequently pursue regulatory approval from the US FDA.

A real-life case of success involves Annika, who received SCiP therapy over two near-consecutive sessions, lasting 16 weeks and 10 weeks respectively. The non-invasive and pain-free nature of the therapy makes it an ideal option for both children and adults.

Besides their advancements in SCIP therapy for CP, SpineX has also pioneered SCONE™ therapy, aimed at treating urinary incontinence in adults with neurogenic bladder caused by spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, or stroke, empowering them to lead independent lives. The promising results of neuromodulation continue to revolutionize the lives of patients dealing with various chronic and debilitating conditions.



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