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Soundbite Medical Solutions Announces Issuance of Two New U.S. Patent Further Expanding Coverage of its Shock Wave Technology

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Soundbite Medical Solutions Inc., a medical device company leveraging its proprietary shock wave technology for the interventional treatment of calcific occlusive peripheral and coronary arterial diseases, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued two additional US patents.

Patent No. 11,419,619, entitled “Method and system for treating lesions” is directed to a medical procedure exploiting the use of externally-generated shock waves propagated through mechanical waveguides to treat lesions present within blood vessels. The patent is expected to expire in October 2037.

Patent No. 11,426,186, entitled “Catheter device for delivering mechanical waves” is directed to a catheter device, which mounts over a guidewire, comprising mechanical waveguides for the delivery of shock waves. The patent is expected to expire in November 2038.

Soundbite has been issued 8 US patents to date and continues to enhance its patent portfolio with additional patent applications that will broaden and strengthen its position to leverage shock wave technology in key markets throughout the world.

“The deployment of shock wave technology to treat highly calcific lesions in the cardiovascular system has been proven to be the most advantageous strategy for managing the most complex patients. Expanding our patent portfolio with a patent that protects our unique and differentiated treatment strategy provides a strong foundation from which development can continue and patient care is enhanced. The strength of our patent portfolio is a testament to our highly talented engineering team. The pursuit of excellence in serving our patients begins with medical devices that are unique, and of the highest quality. Protecting that work and preserving value will establish Soundbite as a leader in its field,” said Lori Chmura, President & CEO of Soundbite.

The SoundBite® Crossing System – Peripheral (SCS-P) consists of the reusable SoundBite® Console, a single-use sterile SoundBite® Active Wire, and their respective accessories. SCS-P leverages Soundbite’s proprietary method to produce and safely deliver shock waves via guidewire platforms to selectively crack calcium through calcified lesions.

High calcium burden is present in up to 50% of PAD patients with severe claudication and in >65% of patients with CLI, especially in difficult to treat below-the-knee disease. CTOs are encountered in up to 50% of PAD and CLI patients. CLI is associated with a high risk of lower limb amputation estimated in 10%–40% of patients at 6 months, especially in non-treatable patients.

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