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Sirtex Medical Unveils Innovative LAVA® Liquid Embolic System for Commercial Availability

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Sirtex Medical, a renowned manufacturer of interventional treatment solutions, has unveiled the LAVA® Liquid Embolic System, representing a groundbreaking advancement in the treatment of peripheral vascular hemorrhage.

The LAVA® system offers a versatile range of volume and viscosity options, catering to the specific requirements of patients who need precise target vessel occlusion. With its purpose-designed 2mL and 6mL variants for peripheral vasculature, the system's viscosity choices enable the embolization of small vessels in distal locations, which may be inaccessible with other embolic agents.

This product's distinguishing feature is its remarkable capacity to maximize packing density within the target vessel, reducing the risk of future recurrence or restoration of vessel patency. A clinical study focused on the LAVA® Liquid Embolic System's application in arterial hemorrhage within peripheral vasculature has shown exceptional results. All patients involved in the study experienced no major adverse events within a 30-day period, and 94% of lesions achieved clinical success within the same timeframe.

The approval and release of LAVA® mark a significant milestone for Sirtex and the field of vascular medicine. This innovative solution addresses unmet medical needs and holds the potential to significantly enhance the lives of patients. It perfectly aligns with Sirtex's overarching mission of improving patient lives through cutting-edge medical solutions. This achievement is the result of collaborative efforts from all those involved.


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