Single Pass and Mermaid Medical Group Secure Exclusive US Distribution for Biopsy Closure Device

Monday, January 22, 2024

Single Pass, a prominent player in innovative medical devices, has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Mermaid Medical Group, a globally recognized leader in medical technology. This strategic partnership aims to introduce the cutting-edge biopsy closure device developed by Single Pass to the US healthcare market, providing an innovative solution for professionals performing biopsy closure procedures. The advanced technology and user-friendly design of Single Pass's biopsy closure device are poised to elevate patient care, improve procedural outcomes, and expedite the recovery process.

In this exclusive distribution arrangement, Mermaid Medical Group takes on the role of the sole distributor for Single Pass's biopsy closure device in the United States. Leveraging Mermaid Medical Group's extensive network and industry expertise, the partnership ensures widespread availability and efficient delivery of this groundbreaking device to healthcare facilities nationwide. This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in advancing biopsy closure technology, offering healthcare professionals in the United States access to an unmatched solution for biopsy closure procedures.

Single Pass extends gratitude to Arne Madsen and Scan MedPartners for their pivotal role in facilitating the connection between Single Pass and Mermaid Medical Group, fostering a crucial partnership poised to revolutionize the biopsy market and bring substantial benefits to patients and payers throughout the United States.


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