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Sentrics and Temple University Hospital's Episcopal Campus Join Forces to Introduce Cutting-Edge Door Sensor Collaboration

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sentrics, a leading provider of technology solutions tailored to the senior living industry, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus. This partnership represents a significant step towards enhancing safety and security within the healthcare environment by integrating Sentrics' cutting-edge door sensor technology.

Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus, a venerable institution with a rich history of providing top-quality healthcare services for over 150 years, has joined forces with Sentrics to usher in a new era of proactive patient care. By leveraging Sentrics' door sensors and advanced alert systems, this collaboration aims to create an environment where closed doors automatically trigger alarms, enabling swift response and resolution.

Sentrics' innovative door sensors will equip Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus with real-time insights into door status, allowing for immediate intervention when issues arise. This partnership aligns seamlessly with the hospital's enduring commitment to prioritizing patient well-being and operational excellence. As Sentrics and Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus embark on this groundbreaking journey together, they are poised to redefine patient care and safety through innovation, technology, and close collaboration.



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