Saitama Medical University International Medical Center Selects MRIdian® MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy System

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

ViewRay, Inc. is proud to announce that Saitama Medical University International Medical Center has chosen to acquire the MRIdian MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy System for their state-of-the-art comprehensive cancer center in Yamane, Hidaka-City. This cutting-edge technology will revolutionize cancer treatment by offering advanced MRI-guided radiation therapy to patients seeking personalized care for various types of cancer, including pancreas, prostate, lung, liver, breast, and oligometastatic cancers.

Scheduled for installation in December 2022, the MRIdian system at Saitama Medical University International Medical Center will commence patient treatments in early 2023. With its real-time tracking and automated beam gating capabilities, MRIdian will support aggressive stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) and address complex cases. Saitama Medical University researchers are particularly interested in conducting multi-centered international research hospital trials focused on pancreas and prostate cancer.

Dr. Shingo Kato, Professor and Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology, emphasized the center's commitment to delivering high-quality medical treatment while prioritizing patient safety and satisfaction. The integration of MRIdian into their cancer treatment offerings is seen as a valuable asset, enabling visualization and tracking of tumors in real-time under MRI guidance. This patient-centered approach will significantly benefit individuals throughout the region.

Established in 2007 with the goal of advancing regional and Japanese medicine, Saitama Medical University International Medical Center became the first university hospital in Japan to achieve Joint Commission International (JCI) certification in February 2015. Their Comprehensive Cancer Center focuses on holistic cancer care, going beyond tumor treatment.

The MRIdian system provides oncologists with exceptional anatomical visualization through high-quality MR images, allowing for customized radiation therapy plans that precisely target the cancer while the patient is on the treatment table. This unique combination empowers physicians to define precise treatment margins, minimizing radiation exposure to critical organs and healthy tissue. By incorporating real-time continuous tracking, MRIdian ensures automatic gating of the radiation beam if the target moves beyond the defined margins, sparing surrounding healthy tissue and reducing toxicities associated with traditional radiation therapy.

With nearly 24,000 patients already treated, MRIdian has established its effectiveness in the field. Currently, 53 MRIdian systems are operational worldwide, offering treatment for a wide range of solid tumors and supporting ongoing research efforts. The system's impact is reflected in numerous peer-reviewed publications, scientific meeting abstracts, and presentations. To locate treatment centers, please visit:

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