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RELJA Innovations Introduces the RELJA Clamp and Foot Plating System

Friday, April 19, 2024

RELJA innovative device is the first of its kind—a radiolucent, single-use clamp designed to streamline bunion reduction procedures. With its intuitive design, the RELJA Clamp can be applied in under four minutes, setting a new standard for simplicity and efficiency.

Primarily tailored for the Lapidus Bunion Procedure, the RELJA Clamp also proves invaluable in MIS Bunion Procedures, Lisfranc Fracture Reductions, and Midfoot and Hindfoot Fusions. Its patented design enables correction in the frontal, transverse, and sagittal planes, while providing compression across the fusion site—all achieved without the need for incisions.

Versatile and adaptable, the RELJA Clamp can be seamlessly integrated with the complete foot plating system as part of the RELJA Lapidus System, or employed independently with alternative plates and screws.

Dr. Robby Amiot behind RELJA Innovations, expressed his enthusiasm: "The radiolucent nature of this clamp, coupled with its ability to correct in multiple planes and its swift application, marks a pivotal advancement in bunion treatment."

This surpasses any other clamp on the market in terms of ease, speed, and efficacy.

John Krebsbach, DPM FACFAS, emphasized the appeal of the clamp's radiolucent feature and non-invasive application method.

The RELJA Clamp & RELJA Lapidus System, complements RELJA Innovation's existing bunion surgical solutions, including the innovative RELJA MIS Chevron Precision Bunion System™ and RELJA MTP Plates, Lapidus Plates, and Screws.System signify a new era in bunion surgery, empowering surgeons with unparalleled precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes.



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