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RefluxStop™ Procedure Now Accessible to Patients in Norway through Implantica

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Implantica AG, a leading medtech firm specializing in cutting-edge internal technology, has introduced the RefluxStop™ procedure at Akershus University Hospital in Norway. This innovative procedure presents a promising surgical solution for GERD/reflux with fewer side effects compared to existing options.

Unlike traditional methods that encircle the food passageway, RefluxStop™ effectively addresses acid reflux. By offering a surgical alternative, RefluxStop™ extends treatment possibilities to GERD patients previously overlooked for surgery.

With many patients heavily reliant on acid inhibiting medications, the availability of RefluxStop™ in Norway marks a significant advancement. This groundbreaking treatment offers hope to sufferers unresponsive to PPI¹, the most commonly prescribed medication for GERD. With successful outcomes in over 650 patients across Europe, RefluxStop™ brings relief to those struggling with severe GERD.





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