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Radialis PET Imager Receives FDA Clearance

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Radialis Inc. is thrilled to announce that the groundbreaking Radialis PET Imager has received FDA clearance for marketing in the United States. This state-of-the-art positron emission tomography (PET) system is a game-changer, offering exceptional sensitivity to radiotracers and delivering high-resolution functional images targeting specific organs. By expanding the possibilities of molecular imaging, the Radialis PET Imager opens doors to new insights in healthcare. It is capable of visualizing a wide range of positron-emitting radiotracers, making it particularly promising for imaging biomarkers in specific organs. Despite its advanced features, the system boasts a compact design, allowing for seamless integration into existing nuclear medicine facilities alongside traditional PET/CT systems.

The Radialis PET Imager has received FDA clearance for medical use, enabling it to capture and analyze the distribution of injected positron-emitting radiopharmaceuticals in human subjects. This breakthrough technology facilitates the evaluation of various metabolic and physiological functions within the human body.

This cutting-edge PET imaging camera, the Radialis PET Imager, delivers exceptional spatial resolution and offers a small field of view, perfect for close-range, targeted organ imaging. Equipped with lutetium-based gamma-ray detectors, it efficiently captures emitted gamma rays from injected positron-emitting radiopharmaceuticals and generates highly detailed images that accurately reflect the concentration of these radiopharmaceuticals in the body. The Radialis PET Imager has been meticulously designed to optimize the collection of gamma rays emitted by the radiopharmaceuticals within a specific region of the patient's body.

Radialis Inc. takes immense pride in introducing the revolutionary Radialis PET Imager, which is set to transform PET imaging with its cutting-edge capabilities and advanced technology.

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