Quest Unveils Innovative Consumer-Initiated Blood Test to Evaluate Alzheimer's Disease

Monday, July 31, 2023

Quest Diagnostics, a leader in diagnostic information services, has announced the availability of the AD-Detect™ Test for Alzheimer's Disease on This is the first blood test available for consumers to purchase, aiming to assess the potential risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by measuring a brain protein associated with the condition.

The launch of this innovative test comes at a time of significant changes in Alzheimer's disease care, with advancements in therapies, increased recognition of non-pharmacological interventions to reduce risk, and growing acceptance of blood tests for early detection.

AD-Detect is a screening test that uses plasma from a single blood draw to evaluate levels of amyloid beta proteins, which are known to accumulate and form plaques in the brain, contributing to the progression of Alzheimer's disease. By analyzing the ratio of two peptides, Aβ42 and Aβ40, in plasma, the test can provide early signs of Alzheimer's disease risk.

Individuals who take the AD-Detect test have access to a continuum of care through an independent physician network. This network ensures clinical oversight of test ordering and result delivery. Individuals can discuss their results with licensed physicians to understand their implications and create action plans for continued care, including possible follow-ups with specialists.

Quest Diagnostics' consumer-initiated testing business pioneers a new path in Alzheimer's disease risk assessment, offering consumers access to healthcare providers who can help them interpret their results and develop personalized care plans based on their individual needs.



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