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Pioneering Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation Marks Latin America's First Cranial Surgery Milestone

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Novarad Corporation recently employed its VisAR augmented reality surgical navigation system to conduct a biopsy on an intraventricular brain tumor at the MAC CDMX Hospital in Mexico. This groundbreaking procedure signifies the debut of augmented reality surgery within its category in Latin America and showcases Novarad's commitment to advancing medical science while offering cost-effective, cutting-edge treatment options to patients. 

The VisAR system enables real-time, three-dimensional visualization of the patient's anatomy, facilitating precise navigation of surgical instruments via optical tracking linked to an attached code. This pioneering technology enables surgeons to overlay crucial information onto the surgical field, ensuring unparalleled precision and accuracy during intricate procedures. By enhancing a surgeon's awareness of the operative environment, VisAR minimizes the likelihood of complications and promotes optimal surgical outcomes. 

The intricacy involved in precisely targeting and biopsying intraventricular tumors in neurosurgery underscores the transformative potential of VisAR, which integrates advanced image processing software and Microsoft HoloLens to redefine healthcare delivery.


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