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Paragon 28 Introduces Grappler® R3INFORCE™ Extraosseous Repair System to Expand Syndesmosis Repair Solutions

Friday, March 29, 2024

Paragon 28, proudly introduces the Grappler® R3INFORCE™ Extraosseous Repair System, a cutting-edge solution designed to restore stability to the ankle's anterior and posterior ligaments during fibula fracture repairs and high ankle sprains. By utilizing the Grappler® R3INFORCE™ Anchors strategically placed in plate holes or other anatomical locations, surgeons can effectively route pre-loaded suture tape and apply tension to the injured ligaments. The Dynamic Anchor feature allows for micromotion, mimicking the natural mechanics of tissue for enhanced repair efficacy.

This system seamlessly integrates with Paragon 28's existing lineup, offering surgeons various configurations to tailor syndesmotic repair according to individual treatment preferences. The Grappler® R3INFORCE™ Extraosseous Repair System arrives sterile packed with all necessary instrumentation in multiple configurations, streamlining surgical procedures and reducing intraoperative complexity.

Albert DaCosta, CEO of Paragon 28, highlights the importance of syndesmotic stabilization, noting that up to 25% of ankle fractures and unstable high ankle sprains require implants to aid soft tissue healing. DaCosta expresses confidence in the Grappler® R3INFORCE™ System and Dynamic Knotless Anchor, envisioning improved patient outcomes and reinforcing Paragon 28's commitment to innovative solutions for complex syndesmotic injuries.

The addition of the Grappler® R3INFORCE™ Extraosseous Repair System complements Paragon 28's extensive soft tissue portfolio, which includes the Paratrooper™ Plantar Plate System, TenoTac™ 2.0 Soft Tissue Fixation System, Grappler® Interference Screw System, Grappler® Suture Anchor System, Grappler® Knotless Anchor System, Bridgeline™ Tape, R3ACT® Stabilization System, R3LEASE™ Stabilization System, and Mister Tendon™ Harvester. This comprehensive range underscores Paragon 28's commitment to providing trusted solutions for foot and ankle soft tissue needs.


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