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Orthofix Introduces Full Commercial Release of 7D FLASH Navigation System Percutaneous Module 2.0 for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Monday, August 28, 2023

Orthofix Medical, a prominent global company in the field of spine and orthopedics, has made a significant announcement regarding the successful full commercial launch of the 7D FLASH™ Navigation System Percutaneous Module 2.0 within the United States. This milestone comes after the module's successful deployment in its initial surgical cases. The introduction of the Percutaneous Module 2.0 enhances the capabilities of the 7D FLASH Navigation System by introducing innovative planning features. This strategic advancement enables Orthofix to effectively serve the growing Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) spine market, which holds an estimated valuation of approximately $1.8 billion within the U.S.

The uniqueness of the 7D FLASH Navigation System lies in its ability to cater seamlessly to both open and MIS procedures, revolutionizing navigated spinal fusion surgeries without compromising safety, speed, or efficiency. A practicing surgeon who has utilized the system attested to the value of the Percutaneous Module 2.0 in optimizing navigation workflows and minimizing incisions during MIS procedures.

The distinguishing factor of this navigation system is its utilization of visible light to swiftly generate comprehensive three-dimensional images for surgical navigation. This innovative technology significantly accelerates and streamlines spinal procedures. Unlike conventional surgical navigation platforms, the 7D FLASH Navigation System employs state-of-the-art camera-based technology and cutting-edge machine-vision algorithms, effectively addressing longstanding challenges in the field. The rapid precision offered by machine-vision technology not only presents economic advantages but also reduces radiation exposure for both medical personnel and patients, particularly during open procedures.

This launch marks a pivotal expansion of the clinical capabilities of the 7D FLASH Navigation System, presenting surgeons with an integrated solution tailored for MIS. This encompasses implant planning and an extended array of navigated tools. By delving into this burgeoning MIS spine navigation market, the 7D FLASH Navigation System solidifies its position as the preferred choice for various medical institutions, spanning from esteemed teaching hospitals to dynamic ambulatory surgery centers.



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