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Orthobrain® Announces Launch of SimplyClear™ Aligner System

Friday, August 26, 2022

Orthobrain®, an innovative orthodontic growth system based in Ohio, is thrilled to introduce SimplyClear™, the industry's first clear aligner system specifically designed by orthodontists for dentists. As an integral part of orthobrain's comprehensive orthodontic growth solution, SimplyClear combines high-quality clear aligners with a proven support model, empowering dentists to drive successful orthodontic programs and long-term revenue growth.

Developed by experienced orthodontists and industry leaders, SimplyClear goes beyond traditional clear aligners. Each SimplyClear case is backed by comprehensive assistance and complete case management through orthobrain's Core service model. This ensures that dentists can confidently deliver exceptional orthodontic outcomes and provide high-quality care to their patients.

Kimberly Harrington, the Chief Operating Officer of orthobrain, believes that SimplyClear will revolutionize the delivery of orthodontic treatment and be a game-changer in the industry. Coupled with orthobrain's proprietary and innovative Playbook, SimplyClear drives dentist activation and successful implementation of orthodontics.

Key features of SimplyClear include:

  1. Advanced and flexible clear aligners that offer both comfort for patients and the necessary strength for optimal clinical results.
  2. 360-degree support designed to help practices excel in orthodontics from the very beginning.
  3. Increased profitability by enabling dentists to treat orthodontic cases in-house rather than referring them to specialists.
  4. Reduced chairside time for doctors, leading to increased production with the support of the comprehensive case management service. This service includes evaluation and treatment planning led by Orthodontists, ensuring effective support throughout the process.
  5. orthobrain Core, providing comprehensive patient case management, including a Patient Care Plan, education, business optimization, implementation, and access to the exclusive orthobrain Playbook.

Dr. Daniel German, the Founder and CEO of orthobrain, recognizes that general practitioners often focus on basic orthodontics in their daily practice. That's why the orthobrain team of experts evaluates, plans, and provides treatment setups that work seamlessly for dentists, their staff, and their patients. With SimplyClear, every treatment plan comes with Orthodontist-led comprehensive support through orthobrain Core, equipping dentists with the necessary tools to achieve proven results.

SimplyClear is now available to dentists and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). It offers a cost advantage, with average costs approximately 30% lower than competing clear aligner systems. With precise and predictable results, SimplyClear provides an exceptional orthodontic experience, resulting in smiles that are both happy and healthy.

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