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Opteev Unveils Groundbreaking Multiplex Biochip: Identifying COVID, Flu, RSV, and Respiratory Pathogens in Less Than 1 Minute

Monday, July 31, 2023

Opteev Technologies, Inc., a pioneering technology company in the field of diagnostics, has submitted a patent application (Patent Application #63/513,007) for its groundbreaking multiplex biochip designed for respiratory infection diagnostics. This innovative biochip, based on polymer technology, has the potential to detect multiple pathogens responsible for respiratory infections, such as SARS-CoV-2, RSV, and Influenza, with high accuracy in under one minute. The development of this revolutionary technology aims to create a portable, rapid, and precise syndromic diagnostic device, providing healthcare providers with immediate results.

The tiny biochip has the capability to directly detect whole viruses in real-time, both in processed and unprocessed samples like saliva or nasal swabs. In analytical performance evaluations, it has demonstrated an impressive accuracy rate of 99.49% and boasts an outstanding limit of detection. To achieve specific and accurate identification of target viruses in complex samples, the biochip utilizes carefully selected virus-binding peptides. Additionally, artificial intelligence is employed to optimize the frequency range, effectively mitigating the impact of interfering noise signals and ensuring reliable virus detection.

What sets this biochip apart from conventional respiratory panels is its affordability and speed. While traditional panels can be expensive and time-consuming, Opteev's multiplex biochip offers affordable syndromic testing and allows for sample processing at the point of care. This enables instant and simultaneous detection and identification of multiple pathogens, empowering healthcare providers with crucial information to make informed treatment decisions on-site.



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