Ohana's Groundbreaking Campus for Youth Mental Health Care Hosts Grand Opening, Marked by Montage Health's Celebration

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Montage Health recently unveiled the Ohana campus, a 55,600-square-foot facility dedicated to addressing mental health challenges among American youth. Funded by a substantial $106 million donation from Bertie Bialek Elliott, Ohana is positioned as a symbol of hope and innovation in the realm of youth mental health treatment. The term "Ohana," derived from Hawaiian, underscores the importance of involving the entire support network parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends in mental health care.

This holistic approach encompasses prevention, early intervention, family care management, outpatient and residential care, as well as emergency and crisis services. Ohana's evidence-based and family-centered treatments, delivered by multidisciplinary teams, may include psychotherapy, medications, and various therapeutic modalities such as music, art, and occupational therapy. The campus, designed with healing and hope in mind, empowers young individuals and their families to foster resilience and well-being, positioning Ohana as a beacon of hope and growth.

The facility features a thoughtfully curated art collection from artists across the country, strategically placed to support emotional processing and self-empowerment. Indoor and outdoor spaces are dedicated to providing Ohana staff with opportunities to decompress from the demanding nature of their work. Emphasizing environmental sustainability, the use of cross-laminated timber minimizes the carbon footprint, and the building's architectural design, inspired by concepts like "soaring possibilities," draws from sources such as children's museums or public libraries.

Located in Ryan Ranch, Ohana extends its services to patients and families in Monterey County and beyond. While currently offering outpatient services, residential services are scheduled to commence in spring 2024.


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